Episode 6: Bush, the Butcher in Chief

George W. Bush left the office of the presidency in January of 2009 with a very low approval rating. Thanks to the mainstream media, he’s gone on a rehab tour to recover from his low favorability wounds. This episode is a brief diatribe against his

Episode 4: Earth to Jeff Bezos

As the western United States burns up with over 70 forest fires in 13 states, and Germany deals with the aftermath of devastating floods, the world’s richest man, not counting Vladimir Putin, rocketed himself up to outer space for 10 minutes at a cost of

Episode 2, “Web 1.0”

On this episode of Feel the Void, host and musician Proseed gets nostalgic about the early days of the internet, often referred to as “Web 1.0.” The larger question for this episode: how has Web 2.0 and the demands of social networks helped or hurt indie

Episode 1, “Hip hop & the Cult of the Self”

Hello fearless reader… My name is Proseed and I’ve been a hip hop musician since before I popped my first zit. I needed a blog host to establish a feed for my new podcast, “Feel the Void.” Here it is. The first episode has me discussing the “beef betwee